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Biotest Come to Canada


Why doesn't Biotest come to Canada there is plenty of Canadians on these site and it would sell well. I would get Biotest but the shipping is too much and the product ends up costing a lot more than I can afford. Just wondering why they don't come to Canada its not like they have any online supplement stores to compete with because all them are also located in the states.




And UK too.


Heck, while we're wishing, come to Taiwan!


If Biotest came to Canada, the prices would be higher here, just because all competition prices are higher.

I'd settle for a trade-off. Since Biotest offers FREE shipping in the U.S., they could start to offer a "shipping credit" on international orders. For example:

under $100 - $0
$101 - 250 - $25
$251 - 500 - $50

The last order I had shipped into Canada was probably about a year ago when they offered the deal on protein powder (buy 3 and get the 4 free or whatever it was). Anyway I figured it out and I had to buy something like 12 bottles to have the shipping cost offset by the free product.

It's a lot, but I'd happily do it again.


That would be a nice. I just want to now why they don't is it because its not as profitable? It would be nice if a T-Nation Mod would say why.


I can probably give you a very easy answer even though im not a mod or in anyway part of Biotest.

Simply, if they were to create a canadian operation, this would have to be more profitable then:

1.Opening another warehouse to store/ship the products
2.Hiring people to take orders and ship the products
3a. Importing their products from the states to resell in Canada (this is costly...transportation costs +tax/duty etc)
3b. Develop a manufacturing facility here in Canada to create the products in this country
4. Hiring someone to oversee Canadian operations

There are probably other reasons as well but this should give you an idea of why they arent jumping at the idea.


If they did this I could finally afford Surge Recovery and Metabolic Drive on a regular basis.


Well now that my motion is 2nd, Tim please implement immediately. (Let's see if he falls for it.)


They could make some arrangment to cut the custom fees or something. I know another company did this..


Has anyone tried ordering from elitefts.com? I think that you can choose a cheaper shipping option when you go to cart.


I was told at the local supplement store that Flameout was selling for ninety bucks a bottle in Toronto. From 29.99 US to 90.00 Canadian. Fuck me,How many middle men are there?


Canada sucks in that way.


Yeah, they would essentially be creating a new company in Canada to do this and they'd have to cover the cost involved.


Metabolic Drive is almost 80 bucks here...its robbery. Id rather pay the shipping and order directly from Biotest then give some loser reselling and trying to make 100% profit a dime.


$90 is friggen crazy.

I really wish there was a less expensive way to get Biotest in Canada. I would certainly buy more, but it's wishful thinking.

If someone in Canada is looking to buy Flameout though, the best price I've seen is $59.97 on www.livepurehealth.ca/

I am not affliated with that site at all (i've made purchases through them though), and they don't have the best selection of Biotest products, but they are the only site that i'm aware of in canada that stocks Flameout.


It's a shame the tax man gets paid so well in all of this.


If you buy somewhat in bulk, ordering direct from Biotest is cheaper than that. If you go through the ordering process, it will give you a final price (other than Cdn taxes). So just take the prrice they have, convert to CAD then add GST and PST. That SHOULD be your price.

Alternatively, if you live near the border, have the delivery sent to a Fedex drop off/pick up location and go get it yourself. That way it's free shipping from FedEx and you pay taxes upon your return to Canada. If your near Buffalo, there is a drop off location in Cheetawaga (sp?).

I did this once, the drawback is the time it takes.

The best solution is if your traveling to the US, use the drop off location and then bring it back with you, I did this, claimed it at the border but I was in the US for 48hours so it was within my limit. No taxes.


Yeah, i've never purchased from the Biotest website, but i have for curiosity sake seen what the shipping would be and figured out that, as you said, bulk orders would make it cheaper. however it is a decent alternative if not ordering in bulk (and much better than $90, lol). the hardest part is that sometimes people get hit with high duties when product arrives.

I've actually contemplated ordering to a mailbox just across the border, but haven't tried it out yet. i'm not often in the states, but i am frequently in the st. catharines area, so pretty close to the border.

When you crossed the border with your shipment, did you have any issues? this would likely depend on what you purchased, but i know the regulations in canada suck and some ingredients (ie. the yohimbine hcl) can cause issues. did they check the products at all or just send you through?


I've orderded Biotest stuff through SND Canada(sports nutrition depot) and it was fast and the price was what I expected.Can't remember if they sold Flameout. A dude I work with has a P.O. box in Michigan and he brings it over. Big win for me. It costs him about one hundred bucks a year for a small letter box thruogh UPS. I pay him an extra ten cause they charge him for the boxes that don't fit in the slot.

Maybe that could be a viable choice for some depending on how much you buy a year and as another guy metioned how close you are to the border. I don't mind paying extra for a superior product but I gotta be smart too.