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Biotest Brainstorming


We have some pretty smart, creative people at T-Nation. If you could design a supplement, what would it do? What should Biotest's next research project be?

I would LOVE to see a sleep aid that could get me to sleep before midnight every night.


uh. ZMA?


A calming supplement.


They had some chill-out supplement called Euphoria, but it never seen the light of day.

I would say a creatine supp, but thats on its way.

Next in line would be a seriously kick ass multivitamin/antioxidant supplement.

Then a good greens supplement that is a little less costly as Greens+


If I could design ANY supplement? Well, I'd design a single pill that you take and over a 40 day period it puts 30 pounds of muscle on you and reduces your bodyfat to 4% and adds 100 pounds to all your lifts...

In reality, however, I would love to see a proven myostatin supplement... I just can't get the image of that muscled up bull some companies used in their ads out of my head...


Melatonin and ZMA work for me


An anger supplement that just makes you attack everything in sight like you're an ill-tempered coyote. Obviously rapid release would be essential for this one.


For me that's more than 3.5 hours without food.


I concur.

But I can't wait for Anaconda :smiley:


I know people think this is a moot issue, but if someone could design a supplement that would really manipulate growth hormone levels, so that they could possibly stack it with a supplement such as Anaconda....


How can you stack something with Anaconda when you don't even know what it is? Or do you?


I dont know for sure, but Im guessing it`s a supplement that will target specific cell receptor sites that are responsible for certain functions, such as, ...building large amounts of muscle. I would also say that in general, companies make supplements so they can be stacked, more supplements, more money.


anaconda? is that like the penis mightier that sean connery spoke of in jeopardy?

what i want to know, is does it worrrrrk?

But seriously.


Multivitamin for sure


Uh, no. ZMA helps me sleep better AFTER I GET TO SLEEP, which is the problem that I would like solved. I don't drink caffeine past 1 pm, I always relax prior to going to bed, but I lay there for at least 30-45 min EVERY night unable to sleep.


...and subtracts a second off of your 40 and shuttle times, adds a foot to your vertical, makes you grow 6", and makes your penis grow 3".

I would also like a powder that I can sprinkle on my food that would make everything I eat taste and feel like pussy.


I like a see a greens powder. Greens+ is too expensive for me!




I want a "Surge" flavor for Metabolic Drive.


I'd like to know what Anaconda is all about.