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Biotest Boxing Day Sale?


I haven't heard anything. Are they doing one?


Guess not.


Boxing Day is only in Commonwealth countries (UK, Canada Australia etc.). Biotest is American


That's interesting. Didn't know that.

Mods: any upcoming sales?


I speak for all Americans when I say...

What the hell is Boxing Day and why do they have sales for it?


Effectively a way for stores to sell all of the unsold items from the Christmas sales, at ridiculous prices.

Boxing Day is the 26th of December, and a public holiday here in Aus.

On a side note, this years boxing day is the day Australian Cricket died.




We call those Clearance Sales.


I've been holding out on ordering some Surge WO and MAG-10 in hopes of a sale :frowning:

I'll keep waiting a bit, just in case


I seriously lol'd.

If you've watched cricket as long as I have, it's all cyclical and it's about time the tides changed :slightly_smiling:

I thought Punter going off tap caught the headlines more than the eventual match result.