Biotest BCAAs vs Vit. Shoppe

OK so how much better are biotests than a brand I could get at the local vitamin shop? I mean amino acids are amino acids…right? thoughts?

Biotests BCAA’s (4 pills) has 4.8 grams of BCAA per serving (3.6 if 3 pills) plus 250 tablets and if you want to scrunch down to only workout days, thats a month- month and a half supply.

most other companies bcaa products only have 1-2 grams per serving and to take a standard suggested daily dose you’d use up a bottle in a week.

Read the labels. Compare prices. That’s about it. Of course, you’d better trust the supplement company. How do you know the label claim is accurate?

Back in the day, MM2K would guarantee that any company that advertised in its magazine had its products tested and they met label claims. I don’t know of any current consumer watch dog that does this today, however.

Buy bulk powder bcaas. They are cheaper and give you more for your $$$ and you won’t have to swallow a bunch of pills to get the same dosage!!!