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Biotest Banned from NFL, etc?


I saw a thread saying that Biotest is on the banned brand list. She is CORRECT. The link is http://images.nflplayers.com/mediaResources/files/PDFs/PlayerDevelopment/banned%20companies.pdf


"Because they manufacture products that are on the banned substance list"

Sounds like the entire brand may not be banned, but only some products. Pro-hormones likely? I have no idea about NFL policies tho.


It says they can't do any endorsements




And only this. Players are only prohibited from making endorsement deals with these companies.


Lol not all supplements are roids and not all of us are roid heads


Damn, there goes my NFL dreams...


Pretty much any supplements and/or vitamin company.

Nothing new here.


What does Biotest have that's on the banned list? Alpha Male?


Creatine ...that shit is a legit PED it's what bonds Sosa and McGwire took


potentially one of the stimulant ingredients in something like brain candy or HOT-ROX.



Nothing and everything. Football players can only endorse shampoo's.


When I started competing in the INBF/WNBF, there was a whole list of supplements that even though perfectly legal, are "banned". HOT-ROX was right there on it. Various other natural bodybuilding federations, and I would assume non-professional level sports leagues have their own stances on products that can be viewed as possibly controversial.

Also, and this is something interesting to think about, I've been working with a lot of physique athletes for a while now, but the last year, I've been approached by more actual performance athletes for nutrition and training advice. Now, that a fairly well respected performance Center that caters to a lot of professional as well as high school and collegiate athletes refers people to me, they made it very clear that I should avoid recommending ANY specific supplements to athletes of any level. With so much money on the line for the pros, and scholarships on the line for the student athletes, the last thing anyone wants is for an athlete who decides on their own to use PEDs, gets caught, and blames it on something his "trainer recommended".



Campbell chunky soup. Hahaha.


Honey Badger and I finna get high when he gets kicked out for testing positive for thc. Then he can endorse medicinal pot and make more money!!


stu: there may be a legal, legit way around this, one that my coach uses personally without any harm or danger to the athlete or testing. contact me if you are interested.