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Biotest available in Florida

Hi everyone,

I’m from Canada, but will be in Florida for the American Spring Break. I’ll spend a few days in Daytona, Miami, and possible Key West.

Pro-hormones are illegal in Canada, so I plan on taking advantage of Mag-10 and 4AD while I’m down there. Does anyone know of any good locations in those areas for Biotest supplements? (Besides GNC…)

Thanks in advance!

If you can figure out a way to utilize it within your time frame of visitation, the internet will save you loads of money.

Your best bet would be to order a few days before you leave and have the shipment sent to where you are going to be staying. I order from Netrition and get my order in about 3 business days.

every “vitamin shoppe” store ive been to in miami sells biotest products, cheap too

I buy my supplements online through various places such as dpsnutrition, vitaplus and musclemagnepa. They offer the best prices that even local stores can’t usually compete with.