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Biotest Australia Store

I was wonderign if anyone has ordered from the Australian store?? Other than the obscene prices ($3/serve Metabolic Drive, 7.50/serve Metabolic Drive Complete etc.) what is the service and all that other stuff like???

I have ordered from there but never protein powders or bars, only tablets. Service has been good.

I now buy any supps I want directly from T-Nation. However, I buy things such as protein powders from another site as the cost of Biotest powders is just too excessive in Australia.

There are a couple of threads about ordering to Australia so you might want to do a search and check them out.

I ordered Spike off Biotest Australia and the service was top notch. Next day delivery.

The service is good. Price can vary depending on what you want. It is cheaper to order directly from T-Nation. I havnt done that so far, i did manage to pick some stuff up off ebay (ages ago) for similar prices but once you factor into it shipping, whether your payment method needs to be bought (money order), etc then you might not be saving that much.

I get my protein powder of australian companies though simply because of the price, etc.