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Biotest at the Arnold Classic

Does anyone at Biotest/T-mag have any info. as to whether they will have a booth at the Arnold Classic? If so, what can we look forward to? My only advice would be to do it right-if you have some rinky-dink cubicle rather than a large display, it will send a message that the company is bush league. I hope there are some great deals to be had on Biotest products, and some samples would be great.

It looks like we’re going to be there. I haven’t seen the plan for the booth yet, but from what I’ve heard your jaw will drop at the sight of it.

 I am really glad to hear you that guys are having a stand at the Arnold Classic!

Chris is right about our display at the upcoming Arnold Classic. The Testosterone/Biotest area is going to rock! I’ve seen the latest plans, and let’s just say that the booth manufacturer’s people are happy to come to Columbus and help us build it the day before! Trust me when I say you won’t be disappointed, and that even as massive as the Expo is, you won’t be able to miss the set-up.

I don't know whether we'll be actually selling Biotest product, but will have the entire line on display. Usually we prefer to direct end-users to the website to make their purchases, and retailers, gym owners and supplement/health food shop buyers to go to distributors. However, we will have plenty of samples and giveaways, including bags, towels, shakers, pill boxes, MD6, Grow!, and both Teststerone and Biotest shirts. We've some other ideas and surprises up our sleeves, too, that may come to pass between now and the first of March.

One idea is to have a large, transparent plastic box on display, I’m thinking say six feet tall, full of women’s panties. The person that correctly guesses how many pair are inside gets to enjoy lunch with TC! That’s just one of our ideas, but trust me, Chris and Billy, Jeff and myself will come up with others (all involving TC, of course).

If any other major decisions are made about products or attendees, I'll let everyone know here via the forum, or Chris will tell ya.