Biotest at the Arnold Classic

Hey Chris, any hints of what we can expect from the Biotest/T-mag booth at the Arnold this year?

 How about some samples of Euphoria?  What ever happened to that stuff?


Where is the Arnold classic going to be?

When’s the Arnold? Who all is going? I would like to go but don’t know Columbus or where would be a good place to stay, eat, workout, etc. I’m from PHX so if anyone from here is going it might be good to travel with such.

How many people on this board are going to be there? I am, I live in Columbus. Hopefully they keep the booth similar as last year.

Brock has been continuously reformulating
Euphoria for quite some time.

A version he had a while back certainly
was effective if getting mellowed out
to the point of sounding stoned was the goal.
He definitely sounded like he’d taken a
few tokes too many – actually, a LOT of
tokes too many – when Tim and I talked with
him on the phone one time when he’d taken
that formulation.

Another totally different formulation
I tried and thought a very effective
relaxant, but others who wanted something
that was completely equivalent to GHB in
effect were disappointed, considering
that formulation too mild, and also it
would have been a VERY expensive product.

I’m not aware of the pros and cons of
various other formulations Brock has tried.
I think he’s gone through at least a dozen
iterations of improving the formula. So I’d
have to expect that if he ever does find
something he’s completely satisfied with,
it will be quite a product, for those wanting
a potent relaxant (which I think is what
he’s aiming for.)

Bill: Gee, how can we get the formula Brock had that made him stoned? It could be a whole new business line for Biotest :slight_smile:

Steve, the funny part was that Brock (though obviously totally stoned) was
just absolutely convinced that Tim and I were just unfairly making fun of him and just insisted that he really was talking
and acting completely normally. While he was saying, “You know, I was just making up some TA, you know, trying to get it diluted, you know, and then the phone rings and you want to talk to me, but I was just making up some TA and wanting to dilute it, you know, just doing my own thing, what was it you were calling about? I was just diluting some TA… Why are you laughing? Hey, I’m just feeling mellow, why are you making fun of me? I was just diluting some TA and now we’re talking on the phone, what’s up anyway?” And so on.

I wish we could have made a tape, it would have been a classic.

(Good thing Brock’s not on the Forum right
now, he would kill me! :slight_smile:

Anyway, that was an earlier version of Euphoria.

Tapster, there is an official website at If you search the website, there should be a listing of hotels offering special rates. It’s a great event if you can make it. Great deals on supplements, freebies, and more fitness hoochies than you can imagine.

I think we’re going to skip the 'ole Arnold this year. A few contributors may be there, but we’re probably not going to do a booth. There were some probs with our reservations and it became a big pain in the butt so we just decided not to go. Maybe next year.