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Biotest at GNC


I was at GNC yesterday and noticed that they're begining to carry more Biotest products. A couple of months ago, it was just HOT-ROX. Now, there's TRIBEX (Blue) and Spike. Does anyone know the reason why they don't carry the other supplements like Metabolic Drive or Flameout? Is it licensing agreements or something?


The real question is even if they did sell it there, wouldnt you buy it here to support fuckloads of priceless information that you get for free?


There could be issues with shelf life, especially with Flameout.


Biotest made a decision 2 years ago to sell many of their products exclusively through the T-Nation store. The idea was to cut out the middleman and therefore be able to sell at a lower price.

I think the figuring was that most of their serious customers were here anyway, so if they made their products with more attractive pricing, they'd wean us away from other brands.

Some products are sold at retailers because they are of interest to a more general population. Fahrenheit, TRIBEX "Blue" and HOT-ROX are examples. Some product are exclusive to T-Nation because they are sold at strengths that attract people more serious about working out (Alpha Male, Carbolin 19, Surge).

Don't know whether TRIBEX "Gold" will be here exclusively or appear in GNC.


You'll never see Metabolic Drive at GNC or anywhere beside here. Just do a search here and you'll know why.


This has been asked/answered a thousand times.


I stepped into a GNC for the first time in like 2 years today. Horrifying, utterly horrifying. 2 lb tubs of protein selling for $40. 5 lb tubs selling for $70. I felt like I had stepped into crazy land.