Biotest Arrives in Australia!!

finally, the best products arrived in australia!!

i’m so happy about that. i just know this from a muscle magazine. that’s good news. but i think it take several weeks for retailers to get those Biotest products for sale…i’m really looking for Carbolin 19 & HOT-ROX…

Yeah I think I might try Spike now.

That’s cool. I was just there this past summer and was bummed when I found out that some supps weren’t available in Oz (and those that were available were quite expensive).

But I’m probably heading back next year so it’s cool that I can get Spike while there – had to bring over my own personal stash and almost ran out gasp.

Will it get through customs ordering to the UK?

[quote]alstan90 wrote:
Will it get through customs ordering to the UK?[/quote]

You can get Biotest in the England at although the prices might give you a stroke when you see them. I am in Ireland and I just order my Biotest products from the US and painfully hand over the VAT and Duty when the package arrives…which I’m pretty sure is still cheaper than buying from the UK supplier.