Biotest Appreciation Post

Hey guys,

Just wanted to show some appreciation to @Chris_Shugart , @Tim_Patterson , @TC_Luoma , and the rest of the Biotest and T Nation crew for making great supplements that support our training.

My girlfriend and I are just wrapping up a training cycle where we used Superfood, Flameout, and Surge Workout Fuel throughout the whole cycle. We kept our nutrition, training programs, and recovery methods virtually the same. In the end, we broke weight and rep PRs across virtually every exercise, as well as stayed generally physically healthy. After breaking an all-time weight and rep PR on deadlifts, my girlfriend took a swig of Surge and said, “This stuff really makes a difference.”

Thanks for making great stuff, guys. If you keep it makin’ it, we’ll keep takin’ it!


That’s awesome! Much appreciated!

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