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Biotest and the supplement world

This one goes out to all of the guys at T-mag. Hey guys why doesn’t Biotest start making stuff like creatine, glutamine, multi-vitamins, and stuff like that? With the quality that I, and everyone else on this forum, have experienced Biotest could take control of the supplement world and none of us would have anymore worries about getting screwed. I was just curious, because almost all of my supplements are Biotest: T2, MD6, Methoxy-7, Tribex, ZMA, Surge, and Advanced Protein. Just curious why you guys haven’t monopolized the industry yet.

I don’t think their goal is to be everything to everyone. They don’t want to make products unless they can make them better or something completely different than what’s already available. They probably couldn’t compete in price very well with supp’s like regular glutamine from other brand names in terms of price. This is a niche market for high end high quality supp’s. I think they should continue to focus all of their resources on making the best new supplements rather than spending time with other stuff already available. It takes a lot of time to develop labels, bottles, and set up the manufacturing for all this stuff and I think the efforts are better spent elsewhere.
Maybe Mr. Shugart has something to say on this?

I’ll venture to why Biotest does NOT do this. Creatine is creatine. Liquid, effervescent, whatever. It’s all the same. You can buy it in bulk powder form and it works the same. So why would they have a creatine product? It wouldn’t sell and it’s not worth their time. As you may have noticed, they used to make Ribose-C, which was a superior creatine product because it had D-Ribose and tasted like candy. However, D-Ribose is too damn expensive. Glutamine is not very popular among a lot of crowds. The reason Biotest doesn’t have a stand alone Glutamine product is that most people get enough from their protein sources. Glutamine does have recovery properties, hence the reason it is in Surge. IMO, multi-vitamins are essentially a waste of money. The only time I use it is when I’m dieting. Multi-vitamins just aren’t hardcore!! Again, multi’s are multi’s so there wouldn’t be much money there. Although I don’t work for Biotest (yet!?!), I would imagine the reasons I stated above could be why they don’t explore those markets. Seems that they’re more into producing/inventing brand new, exciting, never-made-before products, such as T2, Surge and MAG-10. Just my opinions…

I remember one of the Biotest/T-mag guys mentioned that they don’t wanna bother with conventional products because it is too boring – everybody and their neighbor has done it. But yeah, I wish they’d come out with a Multivitamin that would be based on a principle that is at least slightly more sound than “let’s put a bunch of shit together; the more ingredients, the better the sales.” Although I remember Ian King endorsing Usana (?) or something like that.

Dude, Mag-10.

Thanks guys, I guess when I wrote that I was still wasted from my training so I wasn’t thinking as clearly as I normally would. Now I am positive that Biotest should stay with the stuff that no one has done and keep it very high quality. Well, I think I will shut the hell up about all of that shit!