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Biotest and EliteFTS


Today Dave Tate (EliteFTS) announced that EFS will now be carrying the full line of Biotest supplements. Dave Tate has also mentioned that EFS and Biotest are currently negotiating other unique projects as well.

Maybe Anaconda will be released when EFS begins selling Biotest products to take advantage of the hype and the increased marketing reach. Either way, only good things can come of this partnership.


Neat. Thanks Migz!



I think Dave might be a bit of a Biotest whore...


I wonder if "Pre-Workout Surge" is Surge Workout Fuel or if it is another new product?


Doesn't matter when you get it all for free!



He said :
"Right now I'm using:

HOT-ROX Extreme
Lo Carb Metabolic Drive
Alpha GPC
Surge Recovery (on med and high days only)
Preworkout Surge
Grow Whey
Receptor Max
Curcumin 500"

I think Tim said not to use Spike and HOT-ROX at the same time, something about a ban on all future purchases???


I am sure its SWF. How many more uses for Surge could they make?


its to cover their ass if some idiot takes in too many stimulants and has some sort of medical problem. Sort of a blanket coverage thing- people who know their intake limits can push the rules on these sort of things. But your average clueless gym rat wanting ript abz probably has no idea what he can handle, and will take too much unless beat over the head with "DO NOT TAKE WITH ANY OTHER STIMULANTS." many people probably will anyways. I'm sure Dave/Tim know what they're doing.


I'm pretty sure Dave Tate isn't taking a handful of everything listed at the same time!


That would be cool if he was.


wow, this was a stupid thread to bump. and now you've made me respond to it. damn you dave.


why order from EliteFTS and pay shipping when you can just order from T-Nation and get free shipping?? i recently ordered a foam roller from elitefts and had to pay 10 bucks for shipping, not sure but im sure if you order supplements it would be the same right??



Dude I had to pay shipping for some Biotest products. I ordered 2 things last week and had to pay over $2 in shipping.....WTF


This was likely the FedEx charge for requiring a signature for delivery, which really isn't a shipping charge.

You would have selected this option at the time of checkout.


Yeah well you chose to respond not me.....haha


haha happens to the best of us...yea always click the box to Waive the Signature thing, if not you will get charged the 2 bucks...but yea, T-Nation = Free fedex shipping, EliteFTS = $10 shipping, choice is pretty easy...