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Biotest and a fat cell killer supp?!

Is it true Biotest has a new supp that will actually kill or destroy fat cells?! I heard about this in another thread here!
What is it called when does it come out?!

I think Bill said one of the compounds has the ability to kill fat cells, but with there formula it does not. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Yes, in in vitro (test tube, so to speak)
studies this compound, a safe natural product
at moderate dosages, actually causes fat
cells to commit suicide, but without doing
damage to the skin, not enough gets through
the skin to achieve this effect with
subcutaneous fat. It was a good idea I think
and well worth the research we put into it,
but ultimately, the body just doesn’t want
to let that much of the compound through
the skin. The skin is after all designed
to keep outside stuff out, and your inside
stuff in :wink: so generally, amounts you
get through the skin tend to be low.

So, could it be sold as a (wink-wink) “topical” and then injected?

No, it would be impossible with injection
to get a smooth, even distribution, no
areas too concentrated, of the substance.
There’s too much chance that damage might
be caused by having too high a local

Not that it is an alcohol. But for example,
3% alcohol is safe for your cells. Try keeping
them soaked in 20% alcohol (suppose the alcohol
does not have a means of diffusing away,
and this compound would not readily diffuse
away) and the cells die.

I think injecting would be a very poor idea
and even if no disaster occurred, you’d
inherently get very lumpy results.

Bill, are you saying the product is dead, or is there an alternative delivery mechanism?

The product is not dead, but that ingredient is. The product will not kill fat cells.

The ingredient might possibly have a second
lease on life – you can never rule out that
there might be some future development –
but prospects are dim.