Biotest Alpha Male Results?

(With Carbolin 19)

I’m thinking about buying a cycle of this stuff, T-Nation raves about it, and says that it rivals anavar-LOL

But i’m 18, and have used jungle warfare before with nice results, but i’m at a plateu right now, and I was wondering if anyone has used this, and gotten nice results? one side effect listed was heart palpatations-eek.

Also…is one bottle sufficent for gains? And what’s the point of having Carbolin 19 alone, when it comes in this?

Whats everything else look like?

Training, diet, rest etc…

Well i’m not a sponsored bodybuilder or anything, and I live in a house of 5 others so it’s pretty much impossible to eat how i’d like however I eat 6 times a day, and take in an extra 500 calories.

8 hours of sleep.

Training, lately i’ve been all over the place i’ve not stayed with a steady routine for about a month and a half however starting tomorrow I think i’ll be doing this for 5 weeks or so

Monday: chest/shoulders
4x8 incline bb press
3x10 flat chest flyes supersetted with ribcage pullovers.

overhead press 2x6
seated arnold pressed 2x6
2x6 lateral raises

Wensday: back/bis

3x6 regular legged deadlifts
2x6 bb rows
2x6 one armed db rows
2x6 sternum pullups
2x6 bb curls
2x6 seated hammer curls ( like 6 alot lol, but it’s usually until failure my target is to fail on 6.

Friday: legs/tricepts

5x6 squats
3x6 calve raises
2x6 skullcrushers
2x6 flat or decline closegrip bench
1 set of dropsetted tricept rope

Every other day is 20 minutes of cardio, (well I try :P)

If not I do some after I work out.

I’m sure i’ll be tweaking the routine alot and what not.


Any supplement is going to be somewhat of a waste if your diet isn’t quality.

What do you normally eat in a day? Specifically.