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Biotest Alpha Male Dosage


I am going to pick up some Biotest Alpha Male today. The reasons I will be taking it are for the "alpha" mentality, drive in the gym, and libido. I am one of those guys that actually enjoys being a "walking hard-on"!

I just turned 27, I am just under 200lbs at 5'10". I am decently defined but not "shredded" or ripped.

Should I take ONE tablet twice per day or TWO tablets twice per day? Also, if I do the 5 day on, 2 day off cycling routine, can I stay on it indefinitely without it losing effectiveness?

Thanks for your help.


I think at 27 either dosing protocol would work. I take two a day along with Rez-V and I’m jacked up all day. BTW, I’m 44 :slight_smile:


I vary my dosages for continued effectiveness. I admit I love the way Alpha Male works for me. Great mindset, good libido boost and definitely helps all my hard work in the gym. I see tangible physical results esp. in terms of bodyfat levels. I usually do the 5 on 2 off cycle with 4 tablets, next day 2 tabs, next day 4 tabs, then 2 tabs, last day (5th day) 4 tabs, then 2 days off completely. Oh yeah, I must 2nd mmcrath, I also take Rez-V and it is GREAT! Works amazing on it’s own and especially with the Alpha Male.