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biotest al la montreal

Ok, so i did a search and found little of interest (i.e. GNC), so does anyone have tips on where to get biotest supps in Montreal…preferably close to Metro and bus routes, maybe w/ mag-10 behind the counter?

go 'spos.

the thing is that they don’t have mag10 there. you’ll have to come to the states for that.
good luck

I live in Montreal and the only place I’ve seen Biotest on the shelves is at GNC. There’s a GNC at the new ‘Aile de la mode’ mall at Mcgill metro station and one in Lasalle.
That being said, the prices are horrible and their selection is limited.

By far the best place to get Biotest supps in Montreal is through sndcanada.com. They have the best prices and you’ll get your order in 1-3 days (usually I get mine the following day!).
Other perks include:

  • Not having to pay QST
  • Not having to pay brokerage fees.

PM me if you have any questions.


I cannot stress that strongly enough. I have dealt with them and been screwed, they promised a free T-shirt with my t-mag subscription. When it arrived, lo and behold there was no shirt. When questioned they claimed it was a mistake on their site so they had no intention of honouring it. This also happened to a couple of friends of mine.

Not to mention that their prices are very high.


Try those two.


spbm, I recall you stating before that you gets your supps through snd. That’s probably your best bet. Buying Biotest off the shelf in Canada is a very expensive mistake, in my opinon.

Yeah, I’m aware of the online options…I would just prefer not to over-use my student-issue Visa.

Jolly; Yes, you can get mag-10 here. I’ve ordered it, and I’ve seen guys in shops pull it out from behind the counter. So there.

Oh well.