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Biotest 4-AD-EC Cycle ???s


Hi guys, I have some 4-AD-EC from last Decembers limited sale. I had some questions on how to use this stuff and for how long. My goal is to get stronger and bigger (duh). I currently weigh 187lbs @ 5'10". After using 4-AD-EC what is recommended for post cycle therapy? 6 oxo? I searched but I came up short on some answers. Besides, some stuff has changed and newer stuff is now on the market. I would appreciate any help you guys have to offer.



Cy Willson had an article about it. I don't have the link tho. In there he said it can be taken 12 - 16 wks with no problem. If you want, you can take Alpha Male and M after (although it's not needed if 4-AD-EC was taken by the instruction).

How old are you anyway? How long have you been training?



I am 23 and have been training for almost a year now.