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Biotest 1st impression

I thought I’d give a couple of Biotest products a try and give you all my thoughts. I’ve been reading this emag since about week 20 something (before Biotest) it’s been a great source of info and I enjoy the open and honest articles. Anyway every Jan I set out to lose my Oct-Dec gains (about 20lbs of lard) since nobody is carries Ephedrine products I grabbed a bottle of Hot-Rox, while I was looking around I talked myself into some Mag-10. I’ve been dieting extremely clean, very low carb, 8 meals a day, I’ve got Salmon, tuna, orange ruffy and greens comin’ out my ears.

So after 2 weeks here’s what I think.
Hot-Rox- nothing noticable to comment on my body tempature rises but no real effects on fat lose. (this isn’t my first diet, I’m what you might call a veteran, I’ve cut-up a few times so I have a pretty good idea if I’m recieving outside help)
Mag-10- after 2 weeks I’m ready to buy into Biotest, this is some amazing stuff. I pretty much ignored the eating big bit since I’m moving in the opposite direction, what amazed me was my recovery times, normally after a killer squat day I can’t walk for 2 days, hobble the next and fully recover at around 6. I squated on day 3 of the Mag-10 cycle and experienced minor pain for 2 days when I should have been bed ridden, this was true for all body parts and that was with half doses. I would definitely recommend Mag-10 with recovery times like this you can make some serious gains!

im curious. were you using the mag10 and hot rox at the same time? if not how much time was in between the two?

I used them together, I’m dropping about 25lbs, I threw in the Mag-10 to help minimize muscle loss, I dropped the HotRox after 10 days and brought my calories up a little to enhance my workouts for the last few days. I’m going to give the HotRox another try next week.


Couple, of, thoughts…

You said you’ve been reading for a while, but my question is how much reading did you do on hotrox, the single best advantage I hear people give it over and over and that I’ve experienced first hand is it’s ability to retain mass while cutting. Did you look at the HR contest winners or any of the many threads on it or even read CT’s interview a few weeks back where he talked about using it consistently while adding mass? There’s no need to worry about losing lean mass if you’re on hotrox and no need to use mag10 while in it to keep mass.

What you’re doing almost sounds like doing a big 12 week test/tren cycle but using loads of cytomel/t3 throughout the whole cycle!

When it comes down to it if you’re trying to judge the effectiveness of either then you should really use hot rox to cut, or mag10 to gain some size.

Don’t get me wrong I think they likely could go great together for adding lots of mass quikly with minimal to no fat gains and I’m experimenting with this now.

Also, you said that you didn’t see much from it but did you also say that you’ve lost 25 lbs.?

If you wanted to go on a longer cycle you should try 4ad-ec. Just a thought if your going to be cutting for awhile. Also do you have tribex for post cycle? Good luck

I did a 2 week cycle of both, well I dropped HotRox at 10 days. I’m going to pick HotRox back up again by itself to give it a fair go. The Mag-10 was just an experiment, but I’ll be doing it again in 6 weeks but at 12 a day. I’ve been following the site from it’s inception but I haven’t scoured every article! I read enough on the 2 products to get a general feel for the results people were getting and how to take them. I decided that the combination of the 2 might enhance my ability to retain (maybe even gain) muscle while dieting, I plan on dropping 25lbs at this point (3 weeks) I’ve dropped 6lbs (3in on the waist) I haven’t done a body fat measurement, but I’ve definitely lost more than 6lbs of fat, which means I have put on at least a little muscle. I’ll post my HotRox results next month for S+Gs

Thanks for the input


I thought about 4ad, have you ever used it, what kind of results did you have? No I’m not using a Tribex post cycle, I’m just going to leave 6 weeks in between cycles and see how that goes

I have not used any pro hormones as I just turned 19…but from what I read people like it. You can stay on it for a lot longer so thats why I could see its use for longer bulking to cutting cycles. Plus its cheaper. Have you read never ending cycle here on t-mag? If you are done your mag 10 cycle did you have any signs of low T after with not using tribex? Most people swear by it not only to retain gains but elevate T levels after a cycle. Again this is just what other people have said. Good luck

I haven’t noticed any problems with T levels, and I haven’t lost anything noticable. My main goal is not to gain (but I’ll take any gains) I’ll never lift the weights I did when I was competing, I’m just trying to look good again, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen my stomach. At 38 my dreams of granduer have passed and I’m more concerned about overall fitness and presence, I’m as big as I care to be (well almost). It’s hard enough to buy clothes now I can’t imagine how some of these monsters shop! I may try the suggested Mag-10/Tribex cycle next time, I’ll see how deep my pockets are at that time.