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BioSignature's Level of Significance?



As a coach who is intimately familiar with BioSignature testing and protocols, I was wondering how often you find yourself using it with clients and to what degree findings from that testing impacts the dietary recommendations you make for clients.

I recognize that it is still merely one tool in your toolbox, but I was just wondering how much you find yourself making use of it and if you feel it has a noteworthy ifluence on various decisions you make.

As always, thank you for your time and help!


I like it as a good diagnostic tool. It does help me make training, dietary and supplements recommendations, but it is not the only factor involved in those decisions... far from it.



I jsut had my biosig done today and it confirmed some suspicions i had :
high cortisol, insulin issue (bad at handling carbs....very bad, and apparently a thyroid issue)

The person who administered the test said I should stop the para workout protocol as it is doing more harm then anything, and to stop protein pulsing as it is actually detrimental.

He also made a few other recommendations (no more tuna, cottage cheese, peanut butter or even fruit in the morning).

Im not aksing you to defend you protocol but I was hoping you could offer some tips on resolving the insulin, cortisol and thyroid issues shown by the BioSig.

On the plus side I have great T/ Estrogen levels

Thank you for your help


I am also planning on having my biosignature done in the next month and have to sayam worried about what will be said about the pulsing and protocol when I mention it. I do want to say though, so far both seem to be working very well for me. I just don't think I will be able to hold my ground against a Poliquin Level 3 coach here if he feels it is an issue.

On a sidenote, did your biosignature results aid in strength and size gains as well as fat loss CT, being honest I am currently more interested in the former. Thanks.