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Hello Chris,
Firstly, I apologize for my English: I live in Quebec (Levis) .. Like you I think. I'm training myself at maxiforme Charny with L-A B. I had my biosignature done Tuesday and I would like your opinion.

Some information

Age: 17 (18 October)
Size: 1m88cm
Weight: 198 lbs Tuesday
BF: 8.8%

So, for biosignatures, I have three skinfold ratio in the red.(I'll give later all my skinfold Measurements and ratio when my personnal trainer will print it for me)

Calf-Triceps ( I have sleep's problem
Hamstring Triceps
Triceps target

Consequently, I decided to add to my actual diet: Alpha-GPC, Rez-V, ZMA ... And change my actual Omega 3 for Biotest's one. What do you think of our choice and do you think , I should add something more?


Louis-Alex is a friend and he knows his stuff, so I would trust him 100%. If you both want to discuss the issue you and your coach are more than welcome to give me a call.


Thanks you for rapid answer , I also trust Louis-Alex, but because the Biosignature is expensive for a young student, I always try to make the most informed choice possible to avoid unnecessary purchase and my coach said well of you. Thank you for your offer, I would talk about it to him soon.

Nic. B


What is the better time in the day to take Rez-V and Flameout?


Rez-V upon waking up on an empty stomach

Flameout spread throughout the days, with your main meals