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Biosignature Testosterone Issue?


I am 20 years old and I have dropped from 14.9 to 10.5 bf while at college in the past 3.5 months with no signs of slowing down. Everything has gone down significantly in my body except by far my biggest issue is testosterone production. I tried the poliquin protocol and barely got any results for some reason. Does anyone reccommend a testosterone supplement rotation to help get my numbers up to par? My latest reading was 10.6 (epic fail)


How do you know your test is low?


My triceps skin fold was 10.6 and i have trouble putting on mass and strength.


How long have you been training? Has it been only 3 months?


What you need to take are these supplements...

just kidding.

start eating more.


The biosignature stuff is all complete hocus pocus bullshit. If you think your hormones are messed up, get a blood panel done. Judging your testosterone levels based on a skinfold reading of your tricep is completely retarded.


i eat plenty and have been training for multiple years....i was thinking about Alpha Male, activate extreme, battle fuel, or a gemmo therapy protocol....anyone got any opinions?


i dont really think something endorsed by doctors, Poliquin, Thibaudeau, and numerous pro strength coaches would say its bullshit



You got your test reading from your tricep skinfold?...



And then in the next paragraph, they sell you the products based on the skinfolds.

Just buy what they're selling if you're that concerned.
If I was that concerned though, I'll get an actual test.


Mate, I bet Dave Tate has a triceps skinfold of 20 but you wouldn't think he has low T. Remember stick to the basics some times the "industry" creates new "science" to increase sales.


Unless I see results from a doctor/lab I don't beleive a 20 yr old has a testosterone issue. If you do have an issue at 20, it's not one that will be solved by an OTC suppliment.


I have used Poliquin's Bio-Sig stuff with awesome results.

Some of you haters should consider trying it before you criticize it, you never know, you might be converts.


for someone who thought they were eating healthy and training properly to lose 5 percent body fat in less than 4 months, i would say biosignature is very impressive. I was merely wondering if individuals in this community had any experience boosting their testosterone through natural supplements and would have any recomendations.


I believe D-aspartic acid is the only supplement that has been proven to raise testosterone levels...

but honestly...raising testosterone in your normal physiological range doesn't do much for physique changes in the short term...you would need to elevate it for a very long time...and even then i seriously doubt it will have a significant impact...

most hormones behave completley differently when you take them outside of the normal range...I don't think there will be a supplement that can take test outside the normal range due to the regulating mechanisms in the body...

you can give daa a shot though....

zinc, vit d, ALCAR, and calcium...may also be of some benefit...