Biosignature Protocol for Fatty Calves?

Hi Everyone

I just have a quick question about biosignature. I have been using it for the last 9 months and I was able to cut my body fat from 26% to 13,4%. I have done it in the first 6 months and since then seems to me that I didn’t move at all. 2 months ago i did measurements and i realised that fat on my calves is really high. I have tried with Alpha GPC but it didn’t help. Is there any advice from someone who had the experience? My sleeping is not bad. I am going to bed 8-8:30pm as i have to wake up at 4:30am because of work. BTW these are my measurements

Chin: 4mm
Cheek: 7mm
Pecs: 2mm
Triceps: 6mm
Subscap: 6mm!!!
Midaxilary: 8mm
Supra-iliac: 4mm
Abdomen: 6mm
Knee: 5mm
Calf: 11mm
Quads: 3.8mm
Hams: 6mm

I would appreciate any help :slight_smile: