BioSignature Performed Today

Hey folks,

Just wanted to share the results of my BioSignature analysis that I recieved today. I know NeelyDan recently started a thread logging his results as well as Damici, but I figured it would be a good idea to throw mine into the fray as well for the sake of comparison between us 4 (when you count CT).

I’ll post more information on the supplements that I’ll be taking once I get that information.

BioSignature Measurements:

Height - 72 inches
Weight - 190lbs

Chin: 4mm
Cheek: 11.6mm
Pecs: 5.2mm
Triceps: 7.4mm
Subscap: 16.2mm
Mixaxillary: 9.2mm
Supa-iliac: 8.8mm
Umbilicus: 11.5mm
Knee: 5mm
Calf: 7.8mm

Body Fat % - 13.8

How much does it cost to get tested?

[quote]Digity wrote:
How much does it cost to get tested?[/quote]

$50 where I went to out here in MI.

$50? Thought it would be more than that. Nice.

I need to find one in Boston area.

Any updates?