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Biosignature Modulation

IN the SWIS recap, the thing that stood out the most to me was Poliquin’s Biosignature Modulation. I had some things checked and something puzzled me. In the article it says.

Suprailliac and Subscapular: The insulin sites. These sites are related to blood sugar management. High readings here vs. the triceps may reflect poor insulin sensitivity and carb intolerance.

Now, when I had these measured, my subscapular was very low but my suprailliac was very high. I admit my diet was been very high in carbs in the past. It’s one of my goals to eat more P+F meals. Anyway, what could this mean?
Overall, my BF is pretty low (~%8-9) but, I’m just very curious as to what this could mean.

Go to Poliquin’s website. There is an article that explains a little more depth about biosignature modulation. Some of the measurements that indicated certain issues were not the direct measurement but the ratio between one and another. I’m not recalling which ones were related.

I also had a question about the methodology. For abdominal fat he indicated corisol control issues. To control the article stated using phosphatydylserine (is this the same stuff as in Power Drive – maybe a different isomer?), fish-oil, licorice root, and caffeine reduction. What it didn’t indicated was dosage ranges. Anyone know what is the recommended dosage of these for cortisol control?

There’s also an article written by Marc McDougal over at ruggedmag on this subject.

I know for sure Poliquin advocates 15g of omega 3’s and as far as licorice root I take 4 420mg capsules 3 times daily and I have had results in the past two weeks. Also by taking 25g of DHEA daily I have had a large decrease in stress and my mood is elevated with a much deeper sleep.

All this together helps blunt cortisol production and cortisol being at it’s highest levels between 6 and 8 a.m. I usually wake long before then and spike my insulin in the morning to fight off cortisol. That is all from research on biosignature mod. that I have studied. It has worked well for me.