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Biosignature in Melbourne Australia


G'day guys I just had my biosig done for my last show I went from 9.4% bodyfat to 5.9 in four weeks while gaining muscle. I only wish I saw him alot sooner. I felt great and it was easier than my other preps in the past. My scale weight did not change I really want to plug this guy his name is Tony Calabro.
He gives a money back guarantee but is very busy as he is only one of two in Victoria.
PM me for contact details.


I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that you have no pictures, no anything by which any of this can be verified.




Ah but I do have pics bear with me, but this guy gives 100% money back G'tee I don't know of any personal trainer who refund their fees if you aren't satisfied!


I will endorse Tony, he was in my biosig class and he is a great guy. He competed himself so not only does he have the knowledge from biosig but hands on as well. Biosig is for real, I have scores of clients that will attest to their results and I myself use the principals in my own nutrition and supplementation. I say if you are in Melbourne give Tony a call and you won't be sorry.


garbage like this just clutters up the boards and should be a bannable offense.

stop posting and go find some idiots to prey on in real life.




You guys are idiots why would I lie I have nothing to gain. It is you with your limited knowledge and beliefs that will hinder your progress.
What about what I have said is rubbish?
Back up your claims with evidence, I on the other hand have reams of evidence. Trouble is even if I posted photos and gave % changes you wouldn't believe it.
Go to Thibs lockeroom 'Charles Poliquins Insulin protocol' thread and see how Thib went from approx. 6% bodyfat to 3.0% in 3 weeks!
Tony Calabro read that thread at the time and spent $5000 to fly to Tampa Bay from Australia and with that knowledge came in the best shape of his life to win the ANB Natural Over 90kgs division in his state.
You guys (JMoUCF87 & ovalpline )shouldn't post on here until you read Thibs Insulin Protocol results, then tell me he is lieing.
Enough said!
here I'll make it easy for you ignorant people

by Christian Thibaudeau!

I just had my week 3 measures done... I'm almost afraid of posting them. To be honest the end figure almost look unrealistic.

So a word of warning is necessary:

  • The measures were down by the same trainer, who has over 15 years of the in the trenches practice and at least 10 000 body fat tests to his credit. He was trained by coach Poliquin who is stickler for accurate and VERY strict measures.

  • The body does have 3% of ''vital'' body fat that is not included in the fat measured via calipers.

  • I have alway been 100% honest and would not lie about something like this; I have nothing to prove anymore and nothing to gain from this.

So here is a week by week progression.

Chin: 3.9mm
Cheek: 7.2mm
Pecs: 3mm
Triceps: 2.7mm
Subscap: 15.8mm!!!
Midaxilary: 3.8mm
Supra-iliac: 6.5mm
Abdomen: 5.3mm
Knee: 5.9mm
Calf: 2.3mm
Quads: 3.8mm
Hams: 6mm

My measures, after 1 week on the insulin resistance protocol were:

Chin: 3.9mm (same)
Cheek: 7.2mm (same)
Pecs: 3.1mm (+0.1)
Triceps: 2.5mm (-0.2)
Subscap: 11.6mm (-4.2)
Midaxilary: 3.3mm (-0.5)
Supra-iliac: 5.4mm (-1.1)
Abdomen: 4.7mm (-0.6)
Knee: 6.1mm (+0.2)
Calf: 2.1mm (-0.2)
Quads: 3.8mm (same)
Hams: 6mm (same)

After two weeks (today):

Chin: 3.7mm (-0.2)
Cheek: 5.8mm (-1.4)
Pecs: 3.0mm (-0.1)
Triceps: 2.4mm (-0.1)
Subscap: 9.9mm (-1.7)
Midaxilary: 3.0mm (-0.3)
Supra-iliac: 4.6mm (-0.8)
Abdomen: 4.5mm (-0.2)
Knee: 5.0mm (-0.2)
Calf: 2.2mm (+0.1)
Quads: 3.8mm (same)
Hams: 5.9mm (-0.1)

The end result is a subcutaneous bodyfat level of 2.4%!!! Down from 5.1% last week and 7.1% from the starting point.

Obviously the fat will not continue to drop at this pace otherwise I'll be at -10% in 6 weeks! From now on I expect it to drop by 0.2-0.4% per week. The insulin sites are still the only problem areas, but they are steadily improving.

HERES A LINK TO TONY CALABRO HE'S 40 years old! He's the winner in the middle. Drug free for life. Obviously you guys must have outstanding physiques with the knowledge you have, post your pics or are you gutless!



For all we know you could be Tony Calabro.

Less talk, more "evidence".


Oh so you do believe the above is true that biosignature does work and your only question is whether I am Tony Calabro now.
Funny how you have changed your tune. Why don't you let aussies reply that is what this post is for.
When you guys make criticism don't blatantly dismiss biosignature without facts.


After listening to a Native American witch doctor about the benefits of drinking snake blood, I started drinking half a liter of snake blood every 3 hours.

In only two weeks I have dropped 9 pounds of fat and gained 3 pounds of muscle.

I would provide evidence for you, but you wouldn't believe it anyway.

Besides, you guys clearly don't even understand how science works. What you do is you finance your own studies and get the exact results you want. Then you devise "proprietary" supplements and sell them for 900% profit to people who fall hook, line, and sinker for your guru status.

That, my friends, is science.

Class dismissed, JMoUCF87 and ovalpline.


What your saying is Christian Thib is a liar?
Typical coward make baseless comments and run and hide!
You are a bloody law student how do you know about science? Tony Calabro has a B.Sc(Chemistry)

These supplements are prescribed by functional medicine doctors throughout the world. So they must have extensive research behind them and you can't get them OTC because you must have knowledge behind what you should take.

I provide you with a logical arguement and you reduce this to a irrational discussion. Obviously instead of admitting you are wrong you resort to baseless comments a sign of a underdeveloped mind.

All of the studies, medical journals which are used to create the protocols to achieve such outstanding results are found on pubmed. Post Thib ask him.
Still where are your photos of yourself, FUNNY HOW YOU HAVEN'T POSTED!
I only request if you have nothing good to say then don't post. If you want to critique something do it with evidence so we can all learn.
I merely commented on my results in a genuine way and you guys just trash someone trying to help his fellow aussies!


Listen. This is embarrassing for you.

You still haven't posted any "evidence".


What eveidence do you want?
Isn't Christian's thread enough. Say what you want and I'LL GET IT!


Whatever you have :slight_smile:

Please understand. I don't intend to attack you. I'm just a skeptic when I hear something that amounts to: "Hey I got amazing results on BioSig. But you can't see any of the results, evidence, methods, etc. Trust me though, it's worth the price!!!"


OK finally, Tony takes photos every week of his clients he has to get permission from them but give me a day to get my pics will that help?

What I don't understand is how Thibs results don't excite you I mean he has nothing to gain promoting another strength coach


Yeah, dude. I think I speak for all of T-Nation when I say that we'd love to see some before and afters.

Maybe you can also get Poliquin to post his before and afters from his Dominican trip?


I like Thibs. But we don't know anything about his financial or professional relationship with Poliquin or T-Nation.


I've emailed Tony he's going to ask permission from one of his clients who went from 14% bf to 10% in 3-4weeks with pics and measurements he warns though that because he is not that lean you won't see by pics a result as dramatic as say 10 to 6% but that should do.
Will you be happy with that?


What is Biosignature? What do they do?