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Biosignature Discussion


I've been researching Biosignature sites on the web and the forum here at T-Nation, and I'm looking for some people experienced with Biosignature and their feedback on their analysis's. It seems pretty straight forward. The body accumulates body fat and excess particles in different areas of the body due to the level of hormones produced.

Like for myself I have a slight increase in abdominal skinfolds showing an increase in cortisol (stress) levels, and increased thigh and gluteal fold measurements show an lack of growth hormone production. Am I tracking that right? If anyone has any helpful supps or hints that I can research it would be appreciated.


biosig = great way to sell suckers expensive supplements


No the increased thigh and gluteal fold measurements are related to too much estrogen. The growth hormone site is the calves.


According to CT, it's only when one site is high relative to others that the hormone issue is suspected. So if you have several sites that seem high, just figure you need to drop fat overall.

The interesting threads were Damici's thread on T-Cell Alpha and CT's, which is now on his forum, I think.


Thigh is estrogen and hamstrings is pregnolone. But you need all numbers to find out what is going on exactly!