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Biosig: Only Chin and Ab Skinfolds Increase

Hi Thib, or anybody else who is familiar with biosignature.

I take 11-16 skinfolds every week. I don’t even bother calculating my bodyfat percentage. For me, it’s just a way to check if I am on track with my bodybuilding progam (e.g. during contest prep, where I try to get leaner but maintain my bodyweight for as long as possible).

I noticed, that over the course of the last 6 month or so, my chin and abdominal skinfold have grown, while all the others are still very thin. I do look pretty lean all year round. Biceps, triceps, upper back, chest, hip, even leg skin folds are all in the range of 3-5mm. On some parts of my upper body as well as on my calfs and hams, my skin is paper thin.

What could that indicate, that ONLY chin and abdominal skinfold thickness has almost doubled in half a year?

Thankful for every answer…

Cheers, Para