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Biopsy Complete

Wassup to the T-Crowd! Just wanted to let all my T-Peeps know how the procedure went…again, thanks to all of you for your kind words and support, you really don’t understand what it meant to me and how much I think of all of you–I actually printed off the post and framed it and showed it to my fam:-)

Okay, the waiting game before and after were by far the worst of it...I had to lay in the bed waiting for the doc for 1 1/2 hours after the scheduled start time...the procedure took a whole 10 minutes max (by the time the doc arrived)...I had to lay on my side (where the sample was taken) for 2 friggin hours, then on my back for 4 more hours--that's when the doc decided that I was good to go and let me out an hour early--so, being the active sumbitch I am, I was ready to jump thru the roof...but the sample of liver was a dandy according to the doc and we should have results in the next week or less...so you'll all be the first to hear:-)

Now, I had to fast since 9pm the previous evening and was not released till after 3pm or so, so your boy was absolutely famished--which was not helped by all the Large and In Charge Nurses talking about grub all day--but I decided to keep it light and down an MRP...but I had my mom hook me up with a medium thin crust cheese pizza from the Hut about an hour ago and downed it with ease...I also have a date with Ben and Jerry this evening when my lil' bro and I watch a movie...so, I'm doing aight, trying to refuel and relax...physical activity can and will resume Monday, but I'll probably lay off the weights for a week, maybe Wed/Thurs earliest, and be ready to kick some bootie...thanks again everyone for your support...you've been hella awesome and you were all on my mind before, during and after the procedure. So keep it real like you have and stay tru to da game...I got nuthin' but love for you all!

Glad to hear all went well bro! You got my email, so you have plenty more info to go with this post! Definitely keep us in the loop! I’ll talk to you soon big dogg. I’m glad to hear you have a dandy of a liver. That’s awesome. Maybe I can cook up a piece for dinner??? Liver is a great protein source. LOL!

Congrats on making it through! Hope the results come back good.

Great to hear you’re back outta biopsy land, bro. Nothin’ but love back atcha. Since you’ll be bloated and sedated with drugs and pizza for a while, go read my “Behind The Vines” (Ah shameless plug). Really, I’m relieved to hear it went okay, and I did squeeze out a forced rep for ya the other day.

“MB Eric: Says you’ll go far by raisin’ the bar since 1731.”


Glad to know things went well, LiL’ Bro…(hey…why didn’t you go “all the way” with say a Super Supreme Pan or an Ultimate Meat Lovers? That’s what The Lion would have done! smile! :)—!!). That true T-Man restraint… 'ya gotta love it!

Get well and take it easy, Lil’ Bro…

*shakes his head…glad to hear you made it thru ok of course…but you do know that you are now just another step closer to the Whopper “House of Pain” Thats right Timbo…after you are done with all your medical excuses I am kidnapping your scrawny ass for 3 months…and when you are able to post again, you will be 190 and no longer be TINY TIMBO!!

Great to hear it all went smoothly! The hour or so waiting for the doc couldn’t have been fun :frowning: Ah well, the pizza and B&J go some way to making up for that!

Timbo, man my thoughts and prayers are with you bro. I’m sorry I didn’t drop a vine on your last thread, but I really hope everything turns out well, which I’m sure it will. Damn, Ben and Jerry’s, as well as the Hut? You’re making this poor dieting dog hungry as hell, as I sift through my daily 2400 calories, 2 x cardio, I feel like I’m gonna blow away in the wind…SCREEL

Good job on getting through this like a man, Timbo. It looks like you’re getting everything in order some real asskicking in the gym. Make sure you keep us posted on your progress bud. Hopefully the results are favourable as we would all like to see our boy Timbo pack on some hefty mass.

Timbo, I’ve been away for a while. Whats up? Hope your feeling better. I gotta nuke up a batch oatmeal w/ the goodies in your honor!

Man…you guys are great! You’re like fam…hell some of ya are fam! (Nate Dogg and soon to be Slave Driver Whopper:-) Thanks for the forced rep, E-Man…I’m lovin’ it!

Thanks again, everybody for your thoughts, prayers, reps and support…you’re all hella cool and family in my book…if you ever need anything or want a T-Bro to lean on, share anything with or have any questions, fear not, cometh to Timbo-land…

As for the diet (or lack thereof)…it’s something I definitely needed and need to do more often (but in a more controlled manner:-)…sorry to make anyone hungry or jealous (Screel and Nate) but being an SB, having a Tim the Tool Man Taylor home-crafted furnace for a metabolism and an appetite for destruction, I think I can get away with it;-)

Progress: I had been doing 5x5 for about 4 weeks leading up to the procedure…all lifts increased markedly, felt strong as a boogah, and actually felt and looked leaner at the same bodyweight…I am planning on some time off from the iron (couple days) and then getting back into it nice and, well, HARD (I only know one gear, boys)…I’m thinking about doing something more Pavel Bear style or GVT at the 10x6 level…and Whopper, you’ve got some time to think of all sorts of masochist methods, as I’ve got my appointment with my endocrinologist on the 11th of July…lata, boys, and thanks again! Nuthin’ but love for my T-Homiez!

Glad everything went well during your biopsy. I hope the results turn out just as well as the procedure. You must be one tough cookie. The few people I know who’ve had biopsies said it hurt like hell and they had to stay in the hospital jacked up on Dimeral for at least a day due to the pain.

knew you’d come through well, man…and it sounds like you deserve that pizza and ice cream. take it easy, a-ight?

Hey Timbo, hope everything turns out fine. I had to have a liver biopsy done years ago. Damn, it hurt everytime I breathed. They offered demoral (sp?), but of course I kept true to my natural status. Yeah Right! Once I got a shot of that it was like “Boo-boo all better now, bring back pretty nurse.”