Bioprofiling Article?

A while back it was a article about bioprofiling and I can’t find it. I hold weight in my thighs and ass and I can’t remember what it said about that. Any help would be appreciated.

If you search “biosignature” you may get more results. Is this the article?:

Then there’s some forums about it (Thibs):

I’ve had this for while.

Yes, and it depends widely on your hormones. This is called ‘Biosignature’ and was developed by Charles Poliquin. Basically an excess or deficiency in certain hormones favor the storage of fat in certain area. I don’t want to give out the whole system but simply:

  • If you store a lot of fat in your legs, estrogen is high (this is one of the reasons why women lose lower body fat slower than the rest of their body)

  • If your cortisol levels are high you’ll store more belly fat and intraviceral fat.

  • If you are storing fat around the waist it means that you are insulin resistant (your body doesn’t tolerate carbs well and produce too much insulin when you eat them, leading to fat storage)

  • If you are storing fat more on your chest and triceps, testosterone is low

  • If you are storing more fat in your upper back and armpit area your thyroid levels are low

So depending on your hormonal profile you will lose fat faster at some places than others.

A second factor is vascularity: the more blood flow you have to an area, the easier it is to mobilize fat and use it for fuel. Which is why it is generally easier to get lean arms, shoulders and calves.