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Biomechanics of Clean and Jerk

Im trying to write a paper that addresses the above subject, and was wondering if anyone knew of some good journals for which to find info on, I need about 30 refs (for a 10 pager), and haven’t really found much despite having access to quite a few online journals.


Do they need to be scholarly journals? You might email Arthur Dreschler, author of The Weightlifting Encyclopedia. He put together the most comprehensive analysis I’ve ever seen in English. He might be able to point you in the direction of other references too, though if I remember correctly, he did a lot of his research from Russian/CCCP literature.


Yes, scholarly sources are a must.

Try this site - Some of the articles are pretty technical and have some Russian authors. Milo has some information based on studies as well, but you’ll probably have to pay for most of it.


The usual journals of biomechanics and or kinesiology. Some sports medicine journals might give you a little line to quote.

For some VERY in depth stuff, google the name Dr. David Pursley. He is a neurologist and a USAW hall of fame member. I have had the privlege of working with him on a steady basis before I got hurt kickboxing, and he is INCREDIBLY knowledgeable regarding olympic weightlifting.

[quote]Jerome wrote:
Yes, scholarly sources are a must.


Try going on to the NSCA website. They have some resources. If nothing there, your school may have access to SPORT DISCUSS (sp?). Go through your university library and utilize this search to find scholary journals dealing with physical education/sports.

Have you tried the keywords on EBSCO host already?

Well thanks for the responses but it doesn’t look like im going to find enough refs to make my paper mark worthy. (I’m not willing to pay for articles, so I guess I’ll change my topic which can be related to orthopedics, cellular mechanics, sports mechanics, cardiovascular system, or clinical engineering).