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Biomechanical Bench Technique

What is the best technique for benching raw? I’ve gotten into keeping the elbows in and trying to pull the bar apart, but I am curious if this is a waste of time since I never bench with a bench shirt.

It’s more important if you bench raw. Your lats are your bench shirt! (Believe it or not) the prime movers in a raw bench press are the subscapular muscles and these only work if you keep your elbows in.

The best techniqye when benching raw or shirted is elbow tucking belly beching with a big arch in your back. (metalmilitia.net)

I have noticed a great improvement in bench since I started keeping my blades tucked tightly together, elbows in at about 45deg. from paralell to clavicles,bar lands right where ribcage parts(just below sternum). This has required new and more training of the front delts and triceps, to rotate the humerus upward, while simultaneously using the triceps to extend the wrists into lockout. This type of move creates a slight arc, with the bar extended paralell to the nipples. Definitely needs visual aide unless you have an incredible ability to visualize.