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hey, is anyone familiar with, or ordered from biomax labs?


Not familiar with them. I ran them through my usual initial research protocol. I couldn't find any threads about them on this or the other anabolic board I frequent. That's a little disconcerting. With that said, I found their site and they do appear to do business through a hushmail account which is a sign of a legit underground lab.

If you're serious about ordering from them you should sent them an e-mail(from your own encrypted e-mail such as hushmail) and get prices and info on ordering. If they want a credit card, walk. If they want payment through Western Union or E-Gold they might be legit, but without any feedback on them it is of course a risk.

Sorry couldn't give you more concrete input.


any input is appriciated, thanks


Why should he walk if they want credit card payment?


Biomaxlabs is legit and I have ordered from them along with several friends of mine. Their stuff is 5% stronger than anything else on the market. The prices are cheap and affordable. On the other hand he is so involved that it may take some time for a response. The 1st part of an order goes out very fast the 2nd part of an order takes some time but you will get your stuff. HIGHLY RECOMENDED!!!!!!!!1\


is that 5% over the oil only fakes, 5% over the half dosed, or even 5% over the 20% overdosed?

you have 2 posts. i am not flaming you, or even knocking the UGL, but from our perspective your recommendation means squat and it sounds like the guy is making the sauce as the orders come in.