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Biology of Race


Finally, to put an end to the “race is a social construct” nonsense:

Political Red Pill Thread: wtf, 'Murrica

Pictures on Imgur! Case closed… :pokerface:


What point are you trying to make? People come in different colors/formats?

Nevermind. I looked at the graphs. They have nothing to do with race as a social construct. It’s about the achievements of Europeans. So what?


Who the fuck knows, man.


That chart would tighten way the fuck up if you took the essential elements of these contributions and traced them back to their origin- then gave credit to the originator proportionally by the effect that element has on the contribution.

Unless something just went Poof! and appeared in somebodies mind with no impetus for its inception what so ever.

Unfortunately, if you did that, virtually all scientific endeavor that uses the concept of zero, any counting numbers, and anything beyond arithmetic would swing to Asia.

And there goes your chart.


On top of that. Wtf does the chart have to do with race? The Europeans aren’t any one race anyway. They are muts.

I think this is Rajs new account.


I thought so too but its from '15. Could be a back up account for stuff like this though.


Not my style I generally let people lay out their beliefs and then attack.


Unrelated- I want to see Danny Bonaducci fight Bobby Flay. I think that would be a lot like watching the same person beat themself up.


Well then, what do you think of that ^^?


This plays right into my new theory: raj and zeb exist as separate entities, but in the nth dimension their minds have melded to form an alter ego that battles constantly with itself. Once existing as Mick28, it was found out and retreated into hiding. After sufficient time away, it has returned with the alias “chrono” to throw us off the scent.



T-Nation Ingsoc!



We President Now.


Mother of God…how could we be so blind?


Fixed that for you.


Makes you think… That you probably live in a bubble of liberalism and there in fact tens of millions of people in this country who think way differently than you


Actually, I am very keenly aware of that fact, and often state as much to my liberal-leaning friends.

I also think it’s funny that you / zeb / the conservative hivemind assume that everyone posting here criticizing Trump is a bleeding-heart liberal. I don’t think you actually go outside and talk to people very much, so let’s teach you something: not everyone that criticizes a candidate / President does so out of a default position of “love my party’s guy, hate the other party’s guy.” Sometimes it’s just because the President (or his people) are doing something that sucks.


Show me where I said or even implied such nonsense.


How about during election season, when you attempted to label everyone critical of Trump a supporter of Hillary?

Trump: The First 100 Days

How about you pay better attention to what ActvitiesGuy said and my response to him?