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Biology 55: The Genetics of Aging

I’m taking BIO 55, as I thought it’d be interesting and informative. The professor has an excellent personality and is really, really funny. I just knew that things couldn’t be this perfect, and figured the first 2 days of the class were just bracing me for something terrible. I don’t know why I had that feeling, but it was there…

Then today, the third day of class, the professor finally got into a little bit of actual “aging knowledge” and stopped with the whole “Median age, longevity definition” stuff.

The professor showed a slide that had information about why women live longer than men. Two of the bullet points read:

�?�Estrogen protects against heart disease
�?�Estrogen and Progesterone affect synaptic functioning positively

Then he dropped the bomb and said, “We’ll discuss this more on Monday, and also that nasty, evil hormone known as Testosterone.”

At this point, I wept, internally.

While the second bullet point seems logical, the first one doesn’t seem as logical, and then to “call out” Testosterone as evil? What is that about?

I’ve thought that Test was basically like the fountain of youth hormone for males? Man, I’m just let down by that comment, as it sort of messes with my perception of vitality and how it works…

Every “fact” a professor presents to you may not always be correct. Those estrogen studies are way out of date and have proven to be false, anyway.

Perhaps his testosterone comment was a feeble attempt at sarcasm.

Learn to question without pissing him/her off. This can be tricky, because being a wiseass in the classroom could drop you a grade or two.

you may have high estrogen levels today if you let a comment like evil testosterone hurt you. Maybe you should wait til monday and see what he says.

High Testosterone levels might be evil when it comes to living a long life but an angel when living a quality one, this is why the body seeks a balance.

I wouldn’t say something to get myself on his bad side, but I would like to ask some honest, informed questions. I mean, just looking at the guy will give you a clue as to why he denigrates testosterone…