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Bioidentical Hormones?

So recently, due to my crap testosterone levels, I’ve been researching anti-aging doctors in my area.

I’ve found numerous ones but most of them are in regards to “bioidentical hormones”, which are apparently different than synthetic hormones but supposedly are just as effective.

Does anyone have any information or knowledge regarding bioidenticals? Is bioidentical testosterone just as good as synthetic???

I could be wrong, but that’s semantics my friend. To say a hormone is synthetic is to say it is not naturally occuring, artificial. If these “bioidentical hormones” are not naturally developed (such as by a gland) then they, too, are technically synthetic. It’s a metaphysical distinction of necessary truth.

Unless it’s actual biologically produced hormones, those Doc needs to check a dictionary. A quick read reveals that this “bioidentical hormone replacement therapy” involves synthetic hormones that differ from normal HRT hormones in that they are chemically identical to natural hormones, as opposed to those with different chemical structures.

The bio-id thing came about with the results of women getting HRT with premarin, estrogen that comes from pregnant mare’s urine [not the same chemical at estrogen in humans] and man made progestins progesterone like chemicals that could be patented. Neither was the real deal and both are considered the reason that female HRT lead to health problems. Hence the need to distinguish the proper hormones from the pharmaceutical crap.

Male HRT uses basic testosterone. Testosterone esters in oil are a delivery system that the body converts to bio-identical T by stripping off the ester groups.