I’m in grade 12 and starting to think about appling to universities. I was thinking of taking bioengineering, but I can seem to find any thing about it in regards to how much they make and if the job outlook is poor, fair, good, or excellent. Also is biological engineering the same thing as bioengineering? I’d like to hear everyones’ thoughts and I would especially like to hear from someone working in the field.

Molecular bioengineering is a hot and growing field. You could make 40k as a postdoc/faculty or quite a bit more in industry.

40k?!? that’s it? after a phd??? finance majors can make that after 4 years of EASY undergrad.

Yeah, that and you get summer off, don’t have to get up early, and can basically research whatever you want (within reason, of course).

Now some faculty make 60k, and someone in industry could nearly make twice that (albeit without the benefits of being in academia). So it really depends.

I’m not sure about bioengineering, but most biomedical engineers go to med school because there is not much of a career for it. If you want cash, go into chemical engineering or biochemical engineering (my major). Average starting salary for a bachelors is around 54k in some areas, and two seniors from my class have offers for 82k, starting (oil companies pay big).