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Bioavailability of Research Chems

What is the best way to take research chems. Putting it in a gelcap or mixing with stuff? There has to be one way that gets down the most available ingredient, in my case which would be liquid nolva and or liquid arimidex.

Also I was planning my first test-based cycle.

Adex Necessary??
Week 1-4 D-bol 20-40mg ed
Week 1-8 Test Enth 500ml/week

Week 8-10 Winny(Oral)20-30mg ed???

Week 11-15 Nolva 40-20mg ed.
HCG Necessary?

This will be my first cycle and its primarily to kick my ass back into shape after a 3 month trip. I will allow about a month of dieting and training before the cycle to smooth the transition.

Flame away boys flame away. At least its not another one of my superdrol posts lol.

Research chems are as orally available as pills as long as they make in into your mouth. I make most of my own without flavoring (and sometime the flavoring doesn’t even help). I take a drink of water, leave some in my mouth, drop in some liquid chems, swish, swollow. Most ChemOne stuff tastes pretty good actually.

I still use the water and swig method to make sure it doesn’t hang around my mouth too long. Some of the chemicals can irritate tissues in the mouth and esophagus, namely accutane–I’m not sure about others but I don’t chance it.

I second the fact about chem ones products tasting good. mmm cherry hehe

I see no need to deal with elevated E during a cycle, there are issues other than gyno, bloat and libido. Use adex .25mg ED or .5mg EOD. Do this through the cycle and PCT, reduce after PCT to 1mg/wk for a month or so. 1mg/wk is quite effective when not on gear.

Never stop a SERM suddenly, always taper off.

I advocate HCG all through a cycle at 250iu SC/SQ EOD. No need to shrink then recover the testes before they can respond to LH with T production. Cost and availability will often drive the use of HCG. Not all will agree, but still probably the safest for the testes.

Why would i take arimidex after pct? Also can HCG and Test enth be sucked into the same syringe and injected together??