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OK all you Bio test taking T-maggers, I have a question about which products you would recommend to me. I am 270lbs. I am a State, National, and World Powerliftng Champion. I don’t want to gain weight, because I dont want to move to the 308lbs division (A small Weight gain is fine, I can lose it later). My main goal is of course strength increases. I am getting to the point where increases are coming very slowly, but I wont do roids. Nothing against those who do, but I just wont. There are so many Bio test supps, that I need some guidance here. Any ideas what a good “Stack” would be. Oh also just so you know, all my basic nutrition is in order. Again if I can return the help with Powerlifting questions you may have, I will be more than happy too. Thanks

Not to disregard your question, but T-mag has an article that explains what each product does and has suggested stacks. It may not answer your strength question directly, but it will help you sort out what would be good for your goals. You can find it here: www.t-mag.com/nation_articles/supp.html

Hey powerlifter where are you from, ive been to a few world and state championships before…


Powerdrive and Tribex…and methoxy at double dose if having to cut weight to prevent muscle catabolism.

Tribex and M. Its a powerful anabolic pair. Plus, Mag10 is NOT an illegal steroid (yet).

Take the supplements one at a time, so that you can tell which ones work for you and which don’t. I got good strength (but no size) from Tribex.

Powerdrive is the forerunner of Biotest’s line for people in your position. From there, play around with Tribex & M.

Biotest has some excellent sups for your desires. Here’s what I would recommend: 1)Powerdrive, 1-2 scoops pre-wo; 2) Tribex; 3) M; 4)GROW! powder and bars; 5) Lastly, my favorite, Methoxy-7, possibly at a higher dosage (6-8tsp/day). With the exception of the methoxy, this is basically the the David Tua stack that Patterson has documented and some of the forum is currently experiencing. Also, if your lifestyle reflects your handle, the Powerdrive is a must in my book. Later on you could also try 4-AD (another favorite of mine), or, da monsta: Mag-10. But, these latter two will definitely put the mass on you, so watch out. Good luck.

Thanks to all for your help, I am reading some of the articles right now, to the fella that asked where I was from (I thing “PUGS”) I am from Salt Lake, Utah