Bio-test distributors

Does any one know of any biotest distributors in Houston, tx? If you do, where do you guys find stuff like this?

Why not just order from their site? Seems like everyone is asking about where to find Biotest supplements. If you found this forum, just click on Biotest store and order whatever you want and have it delivered to your door.

nutrition depot in clearlake / houston 281.557.1269 they sell out fast.

Ben, You can call our Customer Service at 800-530-1940 and one of our reps will be able to tell you, which stores in Houston are carrying our products. Thanks!

Is Biotest ever going to be available in GNC or other places like it. Kinda seems like the people who use biotest are an elite club with all the advantages, ya know, it’s not really available to the masses of uninformed folks.

YES! thanks guys.
i would order the stuff, but then id need a credit card. . . . its off to the store for me!