Bio-Identical vs Synthetic HRT

Two questions.

  1. Can you please PM me the name of a recommend TRT/HRT doctor in the Kansas City Metro area?
  2. What’s your opinion on the effectiveness of Bio-Identical vs Synthetic HRT?

I have never done HRT or anything like it and am currently reading the stikies on this site as well as others to educate myself on it as much as I can. I have not yet had my levels/blood tested but will do so once I find a good doctor to go to. Any input from guys that have done this would be greatly appreciated.

the claims of BID are just a scam to get you to spend more money…

It is my understanding that all sources of testosterone when absorbed/broken from their ester are bioidentical.

Not merely bio-identical, but fully identical.

It is either testosterone, or it is some other molecule. Unless there are impurities, T = T.