Bio-Identical Testosterone??

What’s the skinny on bio-identical T? In looking around I can’t tell what the difference is between bio-identical and regular test-cyp other than test-cyp being bound to oil. Will it shut down natural production the same as regular T?

All very confusing, as per usual with anything hormonal.

Thanks for responses.

[quote]Phoblacht wrote:
Will it shut down natural production the same as regular T?


Yes, of course it will. ALL endogenous T and its derivatives will shut down your pituitary and testicles.

Testosterone esters in oil are slowly absorbed from injection sites and then the ester groups are removed. So you have a time release bio-identical testosterone delivery system. Many docs like to mislead guys about this or they are simply stupid.

Any increase in your T levels will tend to shut down your own production. You can’t take a little bit to increase T levels, you need to replace all production.

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Thanks for bringing some clarity to it guys. The bio-identical T sounded like a crock to me, thanks for weighing in and confirming.

“Bio-identical” is also sales pressure to use transdermal T products and sometimes pellets.

I think that’s dead on KSman. This dr. was giving a “too good to be true” sales pitch with bio-identical T as a miracle drug.