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Bio-Identical Test from MD.

Doc is thinking about a program of Bio-Identical hormone therapy. What results can I expect if my training resumes in the gym for a 4 day a week lifting routine with heavy weight/ low reps. Have not seriously worked out in about 3 years now, and was definitely going to start again if this stuff can build some muscle and strength.

Although increased Testosterone always helps, it’s unlikely your doctor will allow you to have a high enough serum level to really start packing on the muscle.

That said, if you are working hard now with low T levels and start on HRT, you may be one of the lucky ones that really packs on the beef.

We are all so different in how our bodies react to HRT you never know. But having higher T levels as you age reduces the chances for Alzheimer’s, heart and vascular disease, and osteoporosis too.
As you can tell I strongly believe in HRT for any man that can get it prescribed.

thanks KNB