Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)?

Surprised to not find any info relative to BHRT in a search. Has anyone done any research on this protocol as opposed to standard injectable protocols? There is a Dr. in my area that uses a seed implant method. Of course all the websites claim it to be the second coming of Christ, works, no side effects, yada yada yada!

Any thoughts, issues, concerns, experiences?

Thanks in advance.

There are many who nag against injections.

Injected T is molecules of T bonded to an ester group. The makes the T soluble in oil. Injected T is most often seen as 200mg/ml, or 20% weight by volume.

When T is injected IM or SC, it is slowly absorbed. As molecules get into body fluids, free of the oil “deposit”, there are processes that remove the ester groups. You now have free T in the body. That T is bio-identical testosterone. Thus the injection of T esters [ethanate, cypionate etc] is really a time release system for bio-identical T. Note that T esters are not active hormones until the ester group is removed.

The bio-identical zealots probably do not want to hear that truth. They do not want to share the market with inexpensive T injections.

There was a thread here not long ago re T pellets. Those who tried switched to injections.

Read the “protocol for injections” sticky.

KSman - Thank you for your response…

I have no aversion to needles, nor to the expense of either protocol.

I have read and will re read your sticky posts. I very much appreciate your expertise and willingness to share. I am by nature a fact finder on this type of issue and wanted to make sure I have done enough due diligence to make and guide a proper protocol decision.

I have made the error of just believing the hype (pro hormones) with out considering the long term consequences, which may be the reason for my low range numbers.

Once I feel as though I can detect bullshit from fact I will look for a Dr. in AZ to aid in the implementation. If anyone in Phoenix has had good results with a Dr. preferably an endocrinologist I would certainly appreciate the names.

Thanks again.

Edit: I did a google earth search and find a bunch or bio identical type, but will keep looking.