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Bio-Idenical Hormone Replacement Therapy


has anyone been on this bio-idenical hormone replacement therapy, they inject pellets every 6 months or so, under your skin, keeps your test. in the 700 range


there is a TRT forum.


Rock, if you find this post, read the stickies. There was a tread about pellets, some here tried and then rejected.


The test in Androgel is bio-identical. I use it and am regularly in the 700 to 1000 range.


so androgel is better than the pellets


OT - hey brick, your avatar is so much kinder and gentler than the previous !

My dad did the pellets and didn't like 'em. More info in the stickies on them...


Injected T esters are a time release bio-identical testosterone delivery system. After the ester groups are removed from the T-ester molecules liberated from the oil, the result is bio-identical testosterone. The beaters of the bio-identical drums do not want to hear that bit of truth.

Note that all testosterone is synthetic, modified from plant sources, ditto for DHEA, pregnenolone, progesterone, estrogens, designer steroids etc.