Bingeing and Tender Skin

Whenever I string together 3-4 days of really bad eating (i.e. vacation) I feel intense soreness, aching, tenderness of my skin first at my lats, then my upper stomach and then the inside of legs. I have been told that it is simply water accumulation, but I don’t believe this. What is this and why does it occur?

I don’t know what it is, but I know what you mean. Every once in a while I get it on my lats and on the inside of my upper arms. I eat like crap most of the time, so I haven’t chalked the pain up to that.

You have a common condition called ‘Guilt’. After a few days training/eating right the symptoms you mentioned will disappear =)

I wish it were just guilt, depending on how many days after the aching sets in it could take me upwards of 4-5 days of perfect eating and weight training to eliminate the discomfort.

OH… In that case you have a rare condition called “You’re Fucked”! Kidding of course=) I have no clue what the problem is.

Not really to sure mate…I think you are along the right lines with the excess water…it may also be where you body is getting a chance to fully repair it`s self, so the muscles may just stiffen up a bit ? Not to sure though, so dont hold me to that :slight_smile:

Lets see, you eat clean for a while, then you eat a bunch of crap food, and it make you feel like shit. Maybe its because you poisoned your body, kinda like a hangover.

Soreness… be glad your skin doesn’t get irritated and red and flaky when that happens like some of us every time we eat sugary foods. Anyways, it sounds to me like some type of toxicity that your body is reacting to, and one way the body reacts is to surround the toxicity (in your bloodstream, organs, etc…) and try to contain it.
Those diets they have on TV (lose up to 18 lbs in 2 days!!) actually will work for many people because the stuff they are drinking is some combination of stimulants and detoxing things which basically pushes all the toxic waste and surrounding mass out of your system.
You could also have a food sensitivity that your body doesn’t normally get subjected to, and thats how it is reacting.

Could it be fat storage?

To clarify, it only hurts when I touch.

Dont touch it then :stuck_out_tongue: