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Binge Eating Help

Hey thibs, I’ve read your stuff on binge eating. Do you have anything other secrets? After reading maximum muscle bible I was inspired to drop some body fat and was really successful! I’ve always been a binge eater but post diet it’s increased big time. I’m bingeing on mostly all healthy and filling foods, my go to are cottage cheese, lean meats and zucchini/other veggies. Just last night I at 3lb of cottage cheese after my scheduled meal and was never even close to satisfied :frowning:

Honestly not really. I used to binge eat, but it went away without me even trying. The only thing that I feel might be responsible for me not wanting to binge anymore is that I’m much less restrictive with my diet, especially in the carbs department.

In retrospect, I always had frequent binge episodes when my calories were too low, and especially when my carbs were super low. I used to diet on low carbs AND low fat. Not surprisingly my body sent me all kings of signal to binge eat.

My own binge episodes were brought mostly out of a physiciogical factor (diet too restrictive) but it might not be your case. Everybody has his own root cause for binging.

Did you binge when you were fatter? If that is the case then the problem is not due to lack of calories/energy in your diet. There might be some underlying issue that you are subcsonsciously trying to “fix” with the binge.

Or you might have tons of stress/are unhappy and you are trying to fix that with binging (it will raison both serotonin and dopamine and it makes you feel good).

Could also be a neurotransmitter issue (people with too much glutamate tend to get more addicted to eating for pleasure and binging).

But asking for tip on binging is like asking for advice against obsessive compulsive disorder or depression… it’s simply impossible to give truely effective advice without knowing the root cause of the problem.

I’ve always had a big appetite. But since my weight loss my body is craving food 24/7. Not depressed or anything. I eat because I’m so hungry and once I start eating I want more and more. I’ll just have to deal with it. I make my meals full of fillings foods and drink a lot water before and during. I Don’t wanna get fat again I know that! And yea I prolly need medical assistance haha. This post was a frustrated grab for help I guess. Thank you