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Binge Eat Every Couple of Weeks


What strategies can I have to avoid a binge when Im put with friends? Every two weeks I’m with my mates, they put a bowl of chips or chocolates out, I finish the bowl. Because of this yoyoing I tend to make 2-3 weeks of solid fat loss progress and then undo it all.


Am pretty skinny fat as it is, should I try just slowly putting on weight until I look a bit bigger at least?


16, 70kg today (67 before the binge), at least 1 kilo of solid weight gain overnight


Your like mid teens, lift weights and increase your general activity levels.

Don’t sweat over some chips or what ever.


You have never “binge eaten” in your life. I know this because of your pictures.

Food is not a religion. If you eat for your goals most of the time a bit of junk won’t hurt a thing. You haven’t sinned.

Now go eat, sleep and lift.


Saturday night I put down a double bacon cheeseburger, 2 hotdogs with chili and ketchup, a big order of chili cheese fries, and a large soft serve ice cream in a waffle cone… then I rode down to the pub and drank two pints of Devil’s Backbone Black Lager sharing an order of pub nachos.

33 years old, do that once a week and still losing bodyfat. \m/ (-_-) \m/


IMO you should focus on the compound lifts and build your foundation up (i.e make some gainz).

However, I know that you will probably keep cutting (or trying to) regardless of what I say, so if you want an answer to your question:

It’s likely because you feel too deprived when you aren’t with your mates, then when you do spend time with them, you completely lose all self-control. Very common. Don’t slash calories, eliminate any particular food, or do anything too extreme. Slowly drop kcals and do more cardio, and you will get leaner.

Again though, I think you’d be a fool not to make the most of this potentially highly anabolic period you’re currently in.