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Binge Drinking While Cutting


I am currently on my first serious cut however I am also a 20 year old with friends who love to go out once a week and for lack of a better word get smashed.

I have nailed my diet and training Ive been doing it 2 weeks and have never looked leaner in my life, however every week I find myself going out drinking, last week was bad I had 11 pints and threw up etc and couldn't function the next day. But then again apart from missing a cardio session I made progress.

This week I am cutting it down to just a bottle of merlot no carbs just 700 alcohol calories.

How much does alcohol slow down fat loss ? Is one bottle of red wine that bad for me once a week ?

My diet Is 100 carbs, 220 protein, 100 fat
I lift +30 min incline walking 2 days in a row, 1 day HIIT then repeat. And I throw in a rest day usually the day I plan on being hungover.


Unless you are fat, you really shouldn't be cutting at age 20. This is the BEST time in your life to build muscle naturally.


The combination of alcohol and low carbs/training can lower your blood pH, making it a little more acidic than usual. It'll probably just make you throw up sooner though.


I disagree i think your 20s is when you should see your abs, im just cutting 8 -12 weeks to 8% bf then adding muscle slowly again without gaining fat


Ya i have noticed that i thought it was because there was less food in my system and the alcohol was getting to me much faster, would adding vegetables before help this since they reduce acidity in the body apparently.


This article may help you figure out how to balance drinking and training https://www.T-Nation.com/diet-fat-loss/lifters-guide-to-alcohol


You're 20 years old. Unless you're making money from your physique or looking to compete, who gives a shit. It is obviously counter-productive but you already know this. Have fun with your friends if you want and get lit - you only live once. If alcohol impacts your life in other ways, then you might want to examine your use of it. I would say the fact that you are posting about it in your 20's is a sign you may be developing a problem but I am not professional, I speak from personal experience only.

If you are simply worried about it slowing your progress a little, I wouldn't worry about it too much.


Trying to balance low blood pH with high pH items does not seem to work, in part because it can actually increase dehydration a little. The best way to normalize blood pH when its acidic is to drink water.